Ragdolls von Rakhshanda

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General Info


Our kitten move out with 14-16 weeks to their new home. They are dewormed several times, they got vaccinated 2 times against cat-cold and cat-pestilence. Furthermore all kittens get a chip and get beside a pedigree a vaccination-pass and an up-to-date healthdegree.

A Ragdoll is a very social beeing that is why they are not ment to be hold alone. They always want to have a member of "their family" around them. It may be a cat, a dog, a child... .
Somebody should always be at home.

We put much effort in it to make sure that our cats get to responsible owners, who are able to give them a lovely and a fitting new home.

Our kitten are only given away as appartmentcats. But we dont have anything against a free secured access!

If the distance allows it we would like to get to know the future cat owners before we give the cats away. If you would like to know where the kitten are born and grown up we would be happy if you visit us.

We also would like to stay in contact with the future owners after we have given the kitten away. We would like to see the development of "our Kitten" and we always are happy about an up-to-date picture of our little ones.

If you have any additional questions or if you decide to let a kitten move to your home, we will be happy about a phone call or an e-mail.

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