Ragdolls von Rakhshanda

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About us

I would like to introduce our little hobby cat breeding.

My name is Nicole and I live with my husband Michael in Kaufungen. It is a town in north Germany. Our two neuters Ataho and Amory, our male breeding cat Jimmy and our sweet female breeding cat Alica-Coco are living with us.

The first time I heard about the Ragdoll was in 2005 as I was looking for a cat that was only meant to be held in the house. I encountered a very big beautiful gracious cat named Ragdoll.
I looked at these beautiful blue eyes and I was sure that this cat is meant to be mine. I read many books about this breed. While I was reading it, I found these beautiful characteristics about a special cat breed. From this moment I was sure that I want one of these
"gentle giants".

It was not long before Ataho & Amory joined us as beloved family members. All what I read about the wonderful imposing cats and there gentle being became true.
Now, my husband is also addicted to Ragdolls.

We began to visit cat shows and we were talking to many cat-breeders. We were already lost ourselves to Ragdolls and my dream to breed Ragdolls became bigger and bigger.

I realized my dream in the year 2010. In June, our first breeding cat Jimmy moved in and our female breeding cat Alica-Coco followed in August.

We have a little nursery and we are breeding with much effort and love.
It is very important for us to keep the healthiness and the unique nature of this wonderful cat. Also is it very important for us to breed vital, healthy and superb characterized and socialized cats.

Our cats can move all round the house and they have an outdoor enclosure. We have no locked doors or cat free zones.
This way our kittens get to know all the household noises.

Now, enjoy yourself to browse through our web site.

Thank you very much, Marion for your help and big encouragement to realize my dream.
Also many thanks to my husband who is been supporting me.

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